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Studies have shown that 90% of people search online for local businesses. It is now more important than ever for local businesses to ensure that they are being found online locally through Local Map Optimization.

Local map results on major search engines now prominently feature a local map showing the most relevant local results for typed keywords in the search engines.3-7 business listings that are deemed the most relevant according to the search being performed are displayed on the map results for searchers to click.

Due to the visual nature of the local map results it provides an excellent opportunity for businesses to promote themselves in locally are for maximum customer interaction.
Webryze provides premium local map search engine optimization for businesses looking to rule the search engine results page and drive more business in their local area.

Our local map search optimization process starts with a thorough understanding of your business and the services you provide. Based on that, our internet marketing team performs a local online visibility analysis to setup your optimized local map listing.Once the listing is setup we work on your local business profile on a monthly basis by adding and revising content and building credible citations from directories and related online resources. Our on going local map search engine optimization efforts ensure that your local map listing is always featured on the top local map results in major search engines.

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