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Saturday, 03 November 2012 08:47

Your Internet Marketing Company and Keywords

Any good internet marketing company knows that a keyword tool is no replacement for a good old fashioned market search. A company’s keywords should be pulled from the unique company and its target audience.

Knowing Your Target Audience

When you are providing web marketing services for a company, it is important to know their audience. After all, these are the people you are trying to attract. You don’t just want traffic to a website, you want relevant traffic – meaning people who are actually searching for what your client is selling. There are generally three different categories to look to when you are deciding on a target audience.They are:

  • A. The location of the audience – does your company sell to customers in one city or does it target a broader region or even a national or international market? Using keywords and phrases that relate to this geographic location can help your client tremendously when it comes to attracting customers and may even give them an edge over their competition.

  • B. The level and type of service being searched for – using the most generic terms may bring in a lot of traffic, but if you bring in the wrong traffic, your return on investment won’t be very high. You need to be specific about what your client is selling. If your client is a chain of luxury hotels the keyword phrase “hotel reservations” may attract people, but if someone is looking for economy lodging, they’re going to leave that website in a hurry.

  • 3) The goal of your website – what is it that you want people who click on your website to do? Do you want to actually sell a product or service right there on the spot, or do you want people to sign up for a newsletter that will eventually lead them to your store in person? This information is key for helping you come up with keywords and phrases to focus on.

Knowing Your Company

Not only do you need to know the uniqueness of a company’s audience, but you also need to know the company you are providing web marketing services to. Here are three different categories to look to when focusing on the company.

  • 1. Items that are most profitable – which goods and services provide the company with the most profit? If there are a few things that stand out above the rest, you’ll want your web marketing services to focus on those.

  • 2. Items that constantly perform at a lower rate – if you have goods and services that constantly underperform, you might want to use keywords and phrases that will help give them a boost.

  • 3. Items that are new – anything that is new to the company may need a little boost when it comes to marketing. Your internet marketing company can help the company decide which of these three categories needs the biggest boost.

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