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Youtube has surpassed Yahoo for the first time in search queries, making it the 2nd largest search engine next to only Google. An average of four billion users per month searched Youtube each month over the past 12 months. Webryze’s Online Video Marketing and SEO services allow companies and brands to strengthen their online image using online video marketing.

Our high-definition video production services, optimized video distribution (VSEO) services and targeted online video advertising  increases your brand presence and sales using the power of online video marketing.

Online Video Marketing

The online video marketing process starts with producing an informative or educational video that communicates your message to your customers in a visually appealing yet simple manner.Other formats such as viral,how to or funny videos  can also be choosen depending on strategic marketing objectives. The promotional video is then distributed across major video sharing sites and directories for maximum visibility.

This allows users to see your videos on sites that they visit regularly while simultaneously making it easier for them to discover you on the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing through universal search engine results.

Video SEO

Online Video Marketing is not just about uploading the video on video sharing sites but is actually much more than that. Once your video has been uploaded to video sharing sites the next step is optimizing these video so that they can be found by your target audience when they are looking for your product and services online.

Our expert search engine optimization team apply tested Video SEO techniques and optimization strategies to the so that they become prominent to viewers and start driving traffic to your site immediately.

Due to the universal nature of the search engine results these videos will not only be featured in the video sharing sites such as Youtube but will also have prominent visibility in search engine results  uplifting sales and brand recognition.

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