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Search Engine Marketing, PPC

Webryze provides expert search engine marketing (SEM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) account management and consulting services in both a supportive and hands-on manner. Our campaign management methodology begins with our Toronto based experienced team of search engine marketing (SEM) experts who first take the time to understand your business objectives.

We then customize your search engine Pay Per Click marketing campaign and implement all the key components of the SEM campaign around those specific objectives.

Our search engine marketing team is Google certified with years of online advertising experience from working with a varied client base. The pay per click management process consists of developing strong marketing messages to invite prospective customers to the website by connecting with their  needs, and encouraging them to engage.


  • Track Record of Success - Webryze believes in exceeding client expectations and pushing limits. Let our search engine marketing clients tell you about our proven track record.

  • Multi-Faceted Approach - As an interactive web marketing agency, all of our pay per click advertising efforts are  executed in-house and supported by solid grounding  in marketing, technology, and business strategy.

  • Best In Class Search Engine Marketing Technology - Webryze has the best and most powerful combination of proprietary, custom developed applications and existing search engine marketing tools in the industry.

  • Superior Marketing Intelligence - We maintain and constantly develop strategic partnerships with the best sources of web marketing knowledge, intelligence gathering, and analytical research.

  • Search Engine Marketing Certified Experts – The Webryze team of Internet marketing experts and search engine marketing gurus are certified by the top three search engines, Google, Yahoo! and MSN.

Track Record of SEM Success –, Webryze client base include Fortune 500 companies, small medium businesses, marketing agencies and a collection of businesses dedicated to growth and performance. Our search engine marketing expertise have elevated our loyal clients to new heights of business success and online dominance in their industries. Our advertisers have a big advantage over their competitors because of the solid internet business strategies implemented by our veteran pay per click management team using best of breed technology and years of industry experience.

Multi-Faceted SEM  Approach

The success of any search engine marketing campaign is directly linked to the overall marketing strategy and how search engine marketing will complement the marketing effort. The Webryze marketing team takes the time to understand the core marketing objectives and then tailors the pay per click campaign to best full fill those objectives. Successful search engine marketing requires synergy and cohesion amongst marketing disciplines and teams. Our multi-disciplinary team of experts are constantly striving to engineer and improve campaigns to find new ways of exceeding goals and improving return on investment.

Best In Class Search Engine Marketing Technology

To ensure our clients success online and guarantee the best return on their marketing dollars we have equipped ourselves with the most up to date search engine marketing management and measurement tools. This allows us to hone in on the most atomic of data and use it to implement in insightful improvisations to the pay per click campaign. No one single tool or piece of technology in it self can ensure bets results that is why our years of experience in the online marketing industry has proved to be our biggest asset in delivering exceptional results for our clients.

Superior Marketing Intelligence

No matter how strong an army is , it still needs to have accurate and timely intelligence about the enemy’s plans to tailor the right war strategy. That is why we take advantage of the most sophisticated business intelligence tools to gather competitive intelligence data and user behaviour patterns to  do your competitors in the virtual arena.

Our Pay Per Click Management Services Include:

  • Pay per click marketing strategy assessment

  • Keyword research, discovery, and development

  • Ad copy creation

  • Landing page and creative design that support pay per click advertising efforts

  • API access to pay per click advertising data from Google, Yahoo, and MSN

  • Centralized keyword management interface

  • PPC bid management solution integrated with keyword management interface

  • Customizable PPC reports

  • Ad copy and landing page analytics


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