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Website planning

Taking the time to plan is the most critical aspect of developing any new website. Before creating a design or programming functionality, a new website needs a clear plan. Skipping past the website planning stage can often result in a website that doesn’t meet your needs, isn’t user friendly, or doesn't fit into your budget because of the need for a total redesign.

As with all of our web marketing services, Webryze takes a systematic, methodology based approach to website planning services.

Clarify business objectives of the website

This process is aimed at defining website objectives, content requirements, and user groups.

  • Website Objectives: Measurable goals which define what the website will accomplish

  • Content Requirements: Define how much and which type of content the website will need

  • User Groups: Identify your target audience. Who will use the website?

Information Architecture

During the information architecture stage, our web design experts categorize, organize, and prioritize the navigation of your website by blueprinting the structure through site mapping, task flows, and wireframes.

  • Site Map: Outlines the overall organization of your website

  • Task Flow: Illustrates how users will navigate through the pages of your website

  • Wireframe: A digital blueprints of your website outlining where everything will appear to users.

Developing the Prototype

A website prototype is the functional model of your website created for testing purposes. Website prototyping shows you how your site will function so you can easily make changes before officially launching.

Webryze helps businesses of all sizes become leaders in their industries through establishing a strong online presence.

To learn more about how you can benefit from our professional website planning services, contact us to speak with one of our expert web marketing strategists.

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